Adam Paszczela


Founder and owner of Aquarius & Aquadam and ADA Idea Studio Poland. Longtime Representative of ADA, student of Takashi Amano san. Forerunner of Nature Aquarium style in Poland and some parts of Europe. Judge at the Great Indian Aquascaping Contest as well as other contests such as AHSC in Spain and EAPLC in Germany. "I started my adventure with Natural Aquarium in 1998. That's when I came across the first materials of Mr. Amano's work on websites and in a blink of an eye I became a happy owner of the famous books by Mr. Amano titled "Nature Aquarium World" vol. I, II, III. Soon after that I had the opportunity to participate in all 4 editions of Seminars organized by ADA in Niigata and visit Nature Aquarium Gallery eight times. It has been such a valuable experience that I use every day in working with the ADA and Nature Aquarium brands. That moment completely changed my view of my aquascaping hobby and laid the foundation of a desire to be even bigger part of this amazing field. It has remained with me ever since".


About Our company

Our company has been distributing ADA products to Europe especially to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2005.  In July 2012, we created the first and largest ADA and Nature Aquarium brand development center in Europe, today known as ADA Poland Idea Studio. Our Studio only supports original elements of ADA systems.  This year we celebrate 16-th anniversary of our company. To this day, in our studio, in cooperation with our partners, we organize series of events closely related to the style of the Natural Aquarium and the ADA brand. We've had the pleasure of hosting 179 international aquascapers from 21 countries around the world.

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